Hello 2011

Good bye 2010 and hello 2011.  In review of the past year there have been many ups but unfortunately just as many downs.  We all have the best of intentions with our resolutions from New Years.  Let’s see how many of us can keep them or even remember what they were at the end of the year. 

We all have that aha moments.  They may be big or they may be small.  Regardless of their size here is one I have vowed to uphold.  Life is too short to keep friends that just bring you down.  Yup – cleaning the house of friends is on the agenda.  The process has already started.  In hindsight friends that don’t treat you with respect aren’t worth your time.  They are not honest with you and only drain you of your self respect.  Yup I am done with this particular person.  Keep in mind I have been friends with this person for about 30 years.  A few friends have been given the details of what happened and are horrified of what this person did.  Whether they are friends or family they are not given a free license to treat you any way they want.  This particular person kept saying that I needed to listen to her so we could get past this.  Apparently I was the one that just needed to sit there and listen to her attack my integrity.  I decided after the call got dropped that my time could be better well spent. 

So 2011 will be better for many reasons.  I hope everyone has health and happiness.  Better days are on the horizon.