Facebook vs. Blogging

I have noticed, as many of my readers have that I have not blogged as much since I joined Facebook. I noticed on someone else's status that they were wondering if in our society that we are updating in smaller increments but more often. I may facebook but I have not tweeted yet and it's not on my agenda anytime soon. I find myself updating with the daily happenings rather than blogging about the experience in depth.

So this question is asked of those who blog as well as facebook (yes it is a verb) - do you blog less because you have joined Facebook? I have to confess that blogging has been my way of capturing the memories of some of the funny things my kids have done or said. Facebook doesn't capture those memories as well therefore I will need to turn to my personal blog more often.

Reconnecting with so many people through Facebook has been fabulous to say the least. The virus's that have also accompanied the use of Facebook has been annoying as hell. Just when I think they are gone and banished they reappear. I will continue to facebook (yes the verb again) but probably with limited use. I know I say that now but many have said they are addicted to the status, pictures and updates. I also must confess that I have learned that some friends have gotten married, divorced or moved. This is simply accomplished through the mere status update. Who knew you could learn so much from so little? It has gotten to the point that you feel you may just miss out on some big news if you don't log in. I heard about the death's of parents and siblings of friends just by chance of seeing the sad update.   On a happier note I have been able to see the children of some high school and college friends that I may not have been able to see.

Our lives are ever changing and it is nice to be connected back to past friendships and visit with friends in their new lives with their own families.  In this world it is hard to keep up with the changes but every little bit helps even if it is virtual.