I Was Simply Speechless

So... needless to say things have been quite busy and stressful lately due to work and family but that I will leave for another post.

At bedtime there are a few rituals that my kids have become accostumed to.  I usually go to bed and read and relax.  Peyton will come in just to cuddle for a few minutes.  We usually will hold each other's hand but this particular night he said no.   As any parent has done I tried to trick him into it by telling him that I was scared of the thunder outside.  The conversation was as follows:

"Peyton hold my hand" I said.

"No" he replied

I asked, "Why not"

He replied as many children do, "Because."

Attempting trickery on my part I pleaded, "but I am scared."

He said "No you're not."

"I'm not?" I asked.

He replied, "Because... you have me."  Sometimes our kids know just what to say and when to say it.   

I simply replied, "You're right... if I have you everything is okay."