Me Don't Care

I would like to think that my kids are cute and cuddly but the younger one is getting to be so much of a wise ass. Yes I said it a wise ass.

Bedtime has become a real time tragedy in our house every night. We start the ritual about 7:30 in hopes of having them in bed by 8:00. For this the older one has no problems what so ever. However the younger one is another story.

"Peyton, it's time to go to bed", I said very casually.

"Me don't care". Umm I said to myself as well as my husband.

I quietly ask my husband while already knowing the answer, "Did he really just say that?"

Of course my husband is already laughing. A good example he does not make. I have to say he makes it a little harder to discipline when he is chuckling to himself.

So what is a mother to do but repeat herself. This is something that most... if not all mothers have become accustom to doing ALL THE TIME.

So I repeated myself with a little more authority in my voice, "Peyton... it's time to go to bed."

And with as much (if not more) authority he turns, looks me in the eye and repeats himself, "Me don't care!"

Well after this week... I have to agree. Wish us luck with bedtime tonight.