A New Look for a New Era

I have just changed the look of the site with some pictures from the fall.  Many things happening around here but first and foremost being laid off has enabled me to spend more time with my kids.  This particular job is more satisfying in every sense.  I am lucky in that the kids are both in school.  Walker is full time and Peyton is four days a week for a few hours each day.  I am not going from one extreme of being a full time working mother to a stay at home mother of infants.  I am able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

We have given notice to our daycare provider that Peyton will be there until December 18th and then he will be home with me when he is not in school.  I am hoping it will be a treat for Peyton as much as it will be for me.  Since he is the second child you never really get that one on one time.  Every Monday will be ours to do whatever our hearts desire for the day.  Walker will remain in his after school program three days a week instread of five to save on cost.  He loves being able to play with his friends and I really don't want to take that away from him.

So I hope to be blogging more frequently than I have in the past several months.  They weren't pretty ones and the things that I wished I could blog about I really couldn't given company policies.  Let's just say I was looking for other opportunities within my company though my performance was above average due to management circumstances.  A few months after I told them I wanted to post out of my position it was announced my position was being eliminated.  Please keep in mind a position that sounded alot like mine was being posted a few weeks before the end of my employment but was considered a higher salary.  To my knowledge they have not filled it yet.  It was to say the least unethical in my mind for them to do so.  They made enough changes within the position to state it was a different job. 

I still consider myself as getting the better end of the deal.  I was required to stay for 60 days after the notification in order to collect my severance package.  So I either would get a new job or stay home with my kids.  It was a win win situation.  Needless to say finances will not be easy but we will deal with it as long as possible.  My boys are much more appreciative of my efforts and time therefore making it much more satisfying for me. 

So stay tuned for the next chaper in the Harrigan Household.