Discipline Gets Color Coded

So it is not any surprise to most parents with school age children that discipline has been color coded.  We have progressed from the block system to the stop light color coding of behavior.

In being responsible parent we try to instill the same values at home that they do in class.  It shouldn't be difficult since most are common sense.  Our children are well behaved for the most part but are far from being perfect. 

Last year Walker had quite the transition from the cozy cuddling life of pre-school to the hard knock life of kindergarten.  He lost many of blocks but seemed to turn himself around by the end of the year.

Well needless to say the transition from vacation back to school is not an easy one.  I can't say it is any easier for us adults to go back to work.  I was three weeks out of the office with the last two being vacation.  Walker has proved that the transition has not been easy as he has landed on red light several times since his return to school.  Apparently he is a "chatter box".  The result of him being a "chatter box" is that he doesn't seem to hear the directions he is suppose to be following never mind actually following them.

So the result of his decision has been the banning of the Nintendo DS for three days.  Yes there tears and drama but let's just say it worked because he got his act in gear to get it back by Friday.  So the lessons we are trying to teach are that there are consequences for your decisions so make them wisely.  Of course even us adults have problems with that every once in awhile.