You have been here and I... well... have been somewhere else

Okay so maybe some of you have been wondering what is going on.  Things have been pretty hectic in the Harrigan Household to say the least.  My husband and I plan a party for neighbors and friends once a year.  As many summer picnics and outings are planned for the entire family we plan ours for just the adults.  We even get a babysitter for our kids.  I love my kids but we all need adult time.  Planning this party takes alot of time and preparation. 

So needless to say we took vacation time to try and get some of the projects completed.  Imagine this a week of rain, two little ones inside all week.  The kids were driving each other crazy as well as us.  We didn't get through all our projects because most of them consisted of painting something inside or out. 

Before my vacation Walker had a situation at camp that even today gets me so upset that it is difficult to discuss.  That was the start of the vacation so you know it wasn't starting very well.

We got through (and actually survived) vacation.  Rich and I haven't been on an actual vacation since our honeymoon almost ten years ago.  There always seems to be something that needs to be done around the house not to mention the money it takes to go somewhere these days.

So if I haven't blogged in awhile it is due to lack of time and when there is time ... there is no energy.