... and you are?

Text messaging is great for the quick notes you need to send to someone.  I certainly use it alot more since I got my blackberry a little while ago.  I have even gotten my husband to use it.  I can send him a quick note without disturbing him at work. 

Well... last night I got the strangest text message.  Here it is:

Stanger:  Hey long time no talk

Me:  Who is this?

Stranger:  Bradley

Me: I don't know a Bradley - you must have the wrong number.

Stranger:  Kelly's Friend

Stranger:  The guy u thought was super hot

(... by this time I am laughing and so is my husband)

Me:  Sorry but I don't know a Kelly and I am married with two kids.  BTW my husband is already hot.

Stranger:  Oops sorry

Me: No problem.  My husband was starting to wonder who this hot guy named Brad was.  Hope you find whoever the messages were intended for.

Stranger: Thanks bye

So that was my excitement for the evening.  It was worth a chuckle to say the least.  This is not the first one I got that was a little strange.  The last one involved a blonde woman who claimed she was having a hard time with a hangover due to late night partying.  When we looked up the number she worked for a large real estate firm.  Geez people make sure you know who you are sending messages to.