Lucky & Charming

I sincerely apoligize for such the lapse in publishing anything lately.  Things have been fairly hectic but I will be posting pictures of happenings in the Harrigan Household the last few weeks.

DSC_01086011.jpgBeing the somewhat organized mother I had purchased matching t-shirts for the boys to wear for St. Patrick's Day.  I know I am little behind in my posting but believe me they did wear them that day.  The weather was quite chilly therefore turtlebacks were in order.   I took the pictures when I got home that night but not before Peyton had consumed two bowls of spaghetti.  Evidence can be found on the white turtleneck. 

So I asked Walker, "Do you want to be 'Lucky' or 'Charming'?" 

He pondered, scratched his chin and said, " Well... I will be 'Lucky'," pointed to his brother and said, "He can be 'Charming'."