Did He Really Say That?

It was after dinner time and I called for Walker to come down and attempt to do some of his homework.  He gets homework every night.  Yup... he is just in kindergarten.  Anyways, I have him start the first step of instructions which are to to cut out the objects on page 9.  He then has to glue them to the appropriate spots on that page.  I got caught up starting on something else so Rich steps in to continue to help Walker with the next part of his homework.  The conversation goes like this.

"Okay Walker let's see what we have to do next."

"No No - we have to wait for Mommy."

"I can help you."

"No we have to wait for Mommy to help."

"How come?" Rich asked

"Because Mommy is smarter."


Having to help your kindergartner with his homework every night... frustrating

Having him break down in tears when he has trouble with counting to 100... heartbreaking

Having your five year old think you are smarter than your spouse (though not true)... priceless