I have a dream... do you?

I read a blog today that I haven't read in quite some time - Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper.  She has so eloquently put into words her version of the "I have a dream" speech.   There is also a priceless story of the innocence of a child.

I have a dream....

I have a dream that one day we will unite as a country to care for the deserving ones who cannot care for themselves. We will provide health care for our elderly and not force them into poverty with rising pharmaceutical prices for medicines that enable them to simply live.

I have a dream that we will welcome our military home with joy and gratitude and not force our beliefs upon them about a war they fought while we watched it on the news.

I have a dream that one day I will not fear sending my children to a public school.

I have a dream that myself and others like me can speak freely and innocently, with no malice in our hearts, and not be labeled as a person who hates simply because of the words we choose.

I have a dream that people will rise above those words thereby taking away their power to harm.

I want to thank Crystal for reminding us times change and our dreams change and mutate into something different.  We should never lose sight of what our perfect world should be.

My own dreams:

I have a dream of my children growing up happy, feeling safe and loved.

I have a dream of living in a world that our leaders will truly think what is in the best interest of the people of our country in the long term rather than their own agenda, which may be short term.

I have a dream that my children will continue the friendship they deveoped as children into adulthood.

I have a dream that more people in the world will realize how precious freedom is and how important it is to maintain.

I have a dream of watching my children grow into responsible, compassionate and loving adults and they they have the opportunity to pass these values onto their own children.

I will not tag anyone but simply ask that you pass this along either via your blog or through e-mail.  Renew the dream as it is a precious one.