The Funniest Blog Ever!!

Since I am fairly new to the whole blogging arena I am still finding my voice as well as other blogs that I enjoy reading.  I am not as good as many others who update their blogs everyday.  I am simply amazed at this blog that this woman has created.  She became extremely popular when she posted some pokeman cards on EBay to sell.  The reason for the sale was because her children put them in the grocery cart without her knowledge and somehow got paid for as well.  Hopefully the sampling below will intrigue you enough to go check out her blog.  Well she had the last word and was able to sell them on EBay for over three times the asking price.  To read her story concerning the event leading up to the sale of the Pokeman cards click here

You haven’t lived until you’ve gone grocery shopping with six kids in tow. I would rather swim, covered in bait, through the English Channel, be a contestant on Fear Factor when they’re having pig brains for lunch, or do fourth grade math than to take my six kids to the grocery store. Because I absolutely detest grocery shopping, I tend to put it off as long as possible. There comes a time, however, when you’re peering into your fridge and thinking, ‘Hmmm, what can I make with ketchup, Italian dressing, and half an onion,’ that you decide you cannot avoid going to the grocery store any longer. Before beginning this most treacherous mission, I gather all the kids together and give them “The Lecture“.


“The Lecture“ goes like this…

To visit her site and read what this woman goes through on a daily basis click here.  I can guarantee that you all will be as hooked as I am.  She is a mother of six children, yet still has time to do laundry, cook, go grocery shopping AND blog about her daily life.  PHEW!