Almost Missed the Bus

Monday morning never seems to be easy and this one was no exception. It started when I tossed and turned all night and this was after I had taken Tylenol PM. I hate to imagine what it would have been like if I hadn't’ taken any. Well back to the story that I started. After getting ready for work I start to wake up the kids so they can start their day. This is partly for my benefit as well as theirs. I can’t seem to start my day without seeing their bright faces and giving them a kiss good morning. My husband always says there is never enough time in the morning to get everything done. So I try to get the kids up and started for their day. Needless to say they don’t like Mondays either. I gave Walker a kiss in bed, made my coffee and was out the door with keys in hand. Please note that I time my departure to give me barely enough time to get to the bus lot. The clock on the stove says 6:45.  By this time I should have all I need to walk out the door.  Because not all the clocks are synchronized by the time I get into the Explorer and it says 6:52 I know I have enough time and can ease up on the gas pedal.  If the clock says 6:53 I know that I have to make that illegal right turn at the end of the street to make it there on time.  No time to waste. To date I have never missed the bus but have cut it close many times. I am usually passing the bus on the prior stop before I get to my lot. I am in the truck completely out of the driveway, putting into gear to drive away when the front door opens. Walker is standing there weary tired little eyes crying saying, “Mommy I didn’t get my kiss this morning.” Keep in mind he is wearing his new dinosaur jammies.  A sight that tugs at those heart strings.  Apparently he wasn’t awake enough to remember. The bus lot is a mere 2 ½ miles away so timing is of the essence. I put the truck in reverse and went back to give him a hug and kiss. It is nice to know that he can’t start his day without the same ritual.  He plays the game well.