Brotherly Love

DSC_00863923.JPGAfter dinner tonight I heard the rumbling of two boy siblings.  Anyone who has children knows what I am talking about.  I heard an "OUCH, that hurts Peyton".  Walker came running down the hall to tattle on son #2.  He demonstrated on how Peyton pinched him and said, "Peyton pinched me like this"!  Now keep in mind that my boys are usually very good to each other and play nicely but, even they have their limits.  It's hard to admit but yes my boys aren't perfect.  There I said it.  I replied, "Those are just pinches of love because he loves you so much".  He didn't buy it.  To smart for me.  He said, "No... I think he just loves to pinch me".  I laughed and said, "Yes honey you're probably right".