My Heart Just Melts


Okay I am going to brag for a moment so just bear with me.  I am constantly amazed with my five year old son Walker and how he views the world.  About 1 1/2 years ago I had said to him that I loved him and he replied, "I love you too."  I asked him well... how much do you love me he said "lotsa much."  Speech has never been one of his strong attributes but again just bear with me.  So of course I had to ask him how much was "lotsa much".  He thought and pondered and replied, "Big and strong like superman."  Knowing that superman was one of his biggest heroes he was familiar with I knew there was nothing bigger that he could think of.  We have expanded the definition to include (just in case you aren't familiar with Superman) ... because he is really strong and has lots of muscles.

Walker has concluded his two years of P-K and will be moving onto kindergarten next year.  Every once in awhile I have been able to go to his school during class and participate.  At the end of each school day the teacher would go around the room and ask each student what was their favorite part of the day.  I have tried to incorporate this little ritual into our nightly routine.  Last night I asked Walker what his favorite part of his day was and he said, " mommy."