... and to think I thought things were getting better

Yes, I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything but so much has happened that I feel that I will write several small entries in one.

First and foremost the week after Thanksgiving I had two funerals to go to.

First was my husband grandfather who was 83 years old when he passed away. He was the kind of man that made you feel welcome the moment you met him. He had a trait of honesty that everyone respected. Family gatherings were the highlight for him. His family was constantly growing with the addition of great grandchildren. He loved them all individually and altogether.

The second funeral was one of a distant cousin of mine. She was barely 21 years old when she was in a car accident that killed her instantly. She had medical issues and they believe that she had a seizure that caused her to go off the road and hit a nearby tree. Although I did not know her as well as other family members they described her as a woman that would light up a room just by walking in. She loved children and worked in a summer camp the last two years while attending college.

The hardest part for me is watching close family members and friends when they lose someone they love. Their pain could not be consoled.

The same night that Rich’s grandfather passed away a friend of mine had to put her horse to sleep. We found this out on Thanksgiving day.

So needless to say that terrible, horrible, no good kind of week that was looking brighter … dimmed very quickly as the days went by.

So to Phil, Emily and Pride, you will be missed in the hearts that remain behind.