Christmas Eve... all is quiet

It's Christmas Eve and all is quiet in the Harrigan household.  The stockings are hung one by one upon the mantle awaiting the goodies from Santa.  The presents are wrapped and put under the tree. 

There is a system even for the wrapping of the presents.  Santa's presents are always wrapped in solid red paper.  Each child gets their own paper for the presents from mommy and daddy.  They don't know what wrapping paper is theirs until Christmas morning.  They will learn what paper is theirs when they open the small gift in their stocking.  To date it has been the ornament for this year.  This will enable them to shake and scheme each of the presents but they still won't know which is theirs. 

We all still believe in Santa and we are lucky to have children who still believe.  Although as Walker says as he is looking at the fireplace, "Mommy, you need to put out the fire because Santa will burn his butt."  It is nice to have a child that is concerned for the welfare of others.  On that note we all say good night until tomorrow. 

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a year full of love, laughter and happiness and the ability to make memories that last a lifetime.