Pat Pat Rocket

shopping.jpgMost of us get a little stressed around this time of year.  As my husband very well knows I do 95% of the shopping for the kids and the rest of the family.  It is exhausting to say the least.  I try and to think of the perfect gift for everyone on my list.  I am not one to just give a gift because I am suppose to.  Alot of thought and sometimes energy go into actually finding that perfect gift.  There is nothing like watching the face of people and especially children when they open something that they have wanted near and dear to their hearts.

As I mentioned before Walker merely circled two things in a whole catalog of toys.  How can I not hunt down those specific things.  He isn't being greedy... he just knows what he wants.  He has no concept of how expensive some toys are or how hard they may be to find. 

Both of my boys love to watch The Little Einsteins.  Pat Pat Rocket is the ship in which the little characters ride around.  I didn't even know this until I had to go find the contraption.  I went to Toys R Us and said I need to find the red ship that the Little Einsteins ride in.  This teenager looked at me and gingerly said, "oh you mean the Pat Pat Rocket".  How the hell did he know this.  I am the ones with the kids.  Of course they didn't have it there.  I soon found out that it is exclusively sold at Target.  Well that should be easy I will just go there.  Right...*sigh*... easier said than done.  Not there and no sign of when it would be.  The toy cost $35 at Target so it wasn't out of the toy gift price range.  It was just a matter of finding it.

So I go home and jump on-line.  Much to my surprise I did find it.  But holy cow it was now at least $60... and that was WITHOUT shipping.  I was getting desperate as most parents do when trying to find the perfect toy.  I found someone who had it and shipping was included for the mere price of $65.  Call me crazy but I was on a mission and I would be able to deliver the toy of his dreams.  The problem is Santa gets all the credit.  Yeah Santa is great but come on he has all his little elves to help him out... mainly parents scattered all over the world.  My mind was set at ease.  The perfect toy was on it's way.

Here comes the best part...

My friend Sue calls me two days later and says, "I was going to call you last night at 9:50 but knew it was going to be too late."

Okay, I'll bite, "Why?"

"I was at Target last night and they had a bunch of the Pat Pat Rockets for $40."

As Jeff Foxworthy would say... "Here's your sign."

Yup I felt stupid but all I could do was laugh so to sum it up... here it is.

Unable to find the Pat Pat Rocket at Target for $35... frustrating

Pat Pat Rocket on EBay... $65

Watching your children open the perfect gift that you went all over town and paid twice the price for... priceless.