Happy Delurking Day!

As many of you know I am new to the whole blogging world.  What a large world this is because I am finding new blogs everyday that I like to read.  It has been said that you are either a blogger OR a reader.  I try to accomplish both.  I do try to comment on the blogs that I find interesting and there are even some that will respond back to me in their own blog.  This, of course keeps me coming back. 

Finding your voice in your blog can be easy or hard depending on how you view it.  I try to write about things I know.  Which, in turn, you end up reading about my children.  There are a few blogs out there that have caught my interest because they also write about their kids and the obstacles they encounter everyday. 

I love reading the comments on my blog and love getting new readers.  My stats say there are alot more of you out there that are reading or at least clicking on my site but not commenting.  I live for the comments.  So take a break and join me for Delurking Day and leave a comment when you visit.  I love to hear where everyone is from as well.  Welcome to my blog.

For those keeping track - no blocks lost today.