Spoke Too Soon

1363480-1067077-thumbnail.jpgWe have been on a good streak for about a week in reference to losing blocks. Although last week when I asked if he lost any blocks he responded with, "But I didn't lose TWO." 

I knew I shouldn’t ask but being the optimist I felt compelled. It was day two of the week how bad could it be?  What a mistake that was to be optimistic.

“Walker, did you lose any blocks today?”


“Walker!” I await a response.


“Did you lose any blocks today?”

“I lost two blocks.” The response strongly indicated that there would be no consequences for his actions. You know the actions that caused him to lose the blocks in the first place.

“So, why did you lose two blocks today?” I asked very calmly (even for me).

“I don’t know.”

After much probing it would appear that he has been silly and being loud… again.

The problem is the things that are causing him to lose blocks are not mean, destructive or hurtful to others. Disrespectful… yes. So I find myself in the middle of a dilemma of how to explain to a five year old that having fun is okay but where to draw the line of being disrespectful. There is a boy in his class that has become a good friend. I have seen how this child reacts to adults and his own mother. He doesn’t really listen and seems to get in trouble quite a bit. Walker is a follower. This is where the dilemma comes in.  I have seen how he reacts to others and how he wants to be part of the fun… even if it isn’t the smartest thing to do. I am finding it hard to explain to him the difference of picking his friends wisely. I can’t do this for him but hope I can instill good judgment when it comes to decisions like this.

Needless to say there was no T.V. for him tonight. There were tears, attempts of negotiation and of course whining (my ultimate favorite). I think it really got to him that Peyton was able to watch T.V. but he wasn’t. All is fair in love and child rearing.

I have waited years to be able to say, “Because I said so.” And yes… it feels good awesome.