Scratched Cornea

D8CAUY27IWCA4MVZ1XCAXL69LJCAU7N9KECA23JFFLCAV73GPYCAH3PAH1CAUBA3D1CA3E7W6RCA9ISZQSCA88UH46CAMN45LXCALWIQ1ACAG5Z8UYCA4OBGS9CAWRG026CAZKN8JRCACMOFZ9CAZDATAM.jpgIf anyone has had a scratched cornea they know how it feels.  Here I am 5:30 in the morning and thinking that this piece of whatever (feels like glass) will eventually wash out of my eye.  After 7 hours  I gave up and went to the doctor.

To sum it up:

The price of the visit to the eye specialist - $25

The price of the prescription to go with the visit - $10

The price of the feeling when they put the numbing agent in my eye...