Twelve Years Ago Today

Sometimes it feels like it happened during another time period.  Twelve years ago I was sitting at work not unlike any other typical September day when a co-worker John that sat diagonally across from me said a plane just hit one of the World Trade Centers. 

Vocies in the office whispered another plane hit the other tower, a plane went down in Pennsylvania, and a plane intended for the White house has hit the Pentagon.  It did not take long before these acts would be dubbed as acts of terrorism.  But we were on American soil how could this be? It was the furthest from my mind but quickly became reality.  We all tuned into CNN on our internet access at work to find out the latest as we were under attack.  We were all sent home early that day to go and hug our loved ones and allow others to locate friends and family members that may be directly impacted.

I was about seven weeks pregnant with Walker at the time.  Our lives as a family were just beginning and what kind of world was I bringing a child into?  Sadly I was so sure anymore.  In the office we were all stunned and speechless.  We were a generation that had not endured an attack on American soil to this magnitude.  My supervisor at the time was in the Army Reserves and quickly exited the building to report for duty.  It wasn’t until months after he would be deployed.

The next few hours passed slowly while everyday people were being named heroes for helping many escape the horrors of the day.  Firefighters, police and civilians came together for one cause.  There were calls made to loved ones saying they would be home as soon as they could and they would never arrive.  There were also stories of people that were running late to work that day and managed to avoid the tragic events.


Blueberry Cream Pie

Once you try this recipe you may never go back to traditional blueberry pie!

Pick and wash 1 quart of blueberries (cannot use frozen for this recipe).

Mix together in saucepan

  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 4 tablespoon all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon plain gelatin
  • Pinch of salt

Bring to a boil until it becomes a thick sauce.  Let cool.

When cooled but not completely set fold in the remaining 3 cups of blueberries and pour into a 10 inch baked pie shell.  Refrigerate until completely set.  When cold, garnish with sweetened whipped cream.

Original recipe from Taste of New England but tweaked and updated by Sarah Harrigan


Celebrate George Day!

Today we celebrate a wonderul man who once braved the high school in our local town as a history teacher for many years.  He has since retired from the classroom but not from his love of kids in town.  George Keenan is one of the crossing guards in town and handles the daily heavy traffic to one of our five elementary schools. 

Both my children have known Mr. Keenan for many years.  This year will mark my oldest eigth year at this school.  He has had two years of pre-k and now about to complete his 5th grade year.  Peyton joined the ranks of "walkers" a few years ago and walks home from school every day. 

George greets each child at the beginning of the school year with a brand new pencil and a smile to start their year. 

Today was a day we celebrate George and what he does for us as parents as well as for our kids.   A neighbor had the idea to decorate the sidewalk with chalk the night before to say thank you and to celebrate our friend.  The kids came in droves to help decorate and couldn't wait for Mr. Keenan to see the spoils of their labor the next morning.

So thank you Mr. Keenan for everything you do. 

New Job

Well I started I started a new job a few months ago.  It's only part-time but I have summers off and basically the same vacations as my kids.  It's perfect for me at this time as it allows me to continue to grow my photography business.    


Which brings me to the photography.  It has been a passion for such a long time but the practical me kept telling myself that I couldn't earn a "real" living doing it.  Many people along the way have told me I should pursue.  I have just recently started to pursue this just beyond a hobby.  I have done a few sessions and even a wedding a few weeks ago.  No I am not a "wedding" photographer as many of them are simply amazing and very talented and wouldn't even begin to put myself in that catergory.  This was a very casual wedding where the bride and groom just wanted some candids.  I charged very little for the event as it was not my specialty.  It was raining and a dismal day but that didn't stop the multiple smiles I was able to capture for the couple.  I thank them for entrusting me with such an important day.

Since venturing with the photography through Facebook I have virtually met so many wonderful and talented photographers.  Many of them live and work across the country and some live overseas.    The learning curve for me is huge and I have been lucky enough to get some guidence from some wonderful people that I have never even met but are more than willing to help someone from a far.

Stayed tuned to see how this evolves for me.  It is foreign to me to be able to do something that I enjoy and get such satisfaction when the even is completed.  The clients have been appreciative and grateful.  Coming from an entirely different industry this too is somewhat foreign.  

Sight vs. Sound

People that know me understand that I love music and love photography.  I am lucky enough to have the use of my ears and eyes to enjoy both.  As I am learning from other photographers that I find through Facebook I am amazed and in awe of the talent that is out there.

I find that music often can enhance what you can visually take in.  This is why I often will create slideshows of my photos and add music to help create the mood or feeling.  Picking the appropriate song is sometimes easy and others not so easy.  Sometimes words fail where music can fill in the blanks of those moods we experiencing.

In networking with my Facebook Page I have virtually met many wonderful photogs out there.  Many of them share the same passion for photography.  There is one woman who has taken beautiful photos that just take your breath away.  I have been looking at her photos and you can tell that she appreciate everything that surrounds her.  It's appreciating the smaller things in life that make each and every day special.  It shows in her photography.  What's even more amazing that through her status's she revealed that she was indeed deaf.  Most people would consider that a handicap but for this woman at the young age of 20 she has empowered herself to show others what she see's and unveils the beauty she sees every day.  It's not always the big things but the small things that you have to stop and look in order to see.  I strongly urge you to go to her site CJP Photography and see what she has created.

Here are a few projects that I have created through the use of photos and music.  The first one is of my boys over the past few years.

The next one is of the horrific storm that we experienced in the fall of 2011.

One of my favorite that I made was of Walker's 3rd grade year and Peytons kindergarten year.  It was the first year after I was laid off and was able to help with their classes as much as I did.  I created the video's for the teachers as a keepsake.  I will not post them as I do not have permission for the parents to post.  

These are just a few of the ones that I have made but hope you enjoy them.