Nest Building

You know it's spring when within days of hanging your front planter the birds commandeer it to use to build their nest.  I sat and watched them hustle and build.  Two birds working in tandem to ge the job done.  It was purely amazing to see them work so swiftly and with precision.

Spring has Sprung

Some of my favorite scents come with Spring flowers.  The days get warmer and the air a little sweeter.  Here is to enjoying every minute of it.



Fighting the winter blues can seem to take forever.  Unlike the past few winters we really haven't had much snowfall though we have had 5 school cancellations.  

Being a photographer in the winter months without a warm inside studio can be challenging to say the least.  I love snowy wintery images but have to confess I am not a fan of the brutel numbing cold that accompanies it.  It is eay to be passionate when you are surrounded with the Fall colors of New England.  When it comes to winter patience is truly a virtue.  It arrived and I was unprepared but jumped out and captured the most beautiful snowflakes.   Snow was falling gentle therefore the flakes would probably not break and it was cold enough for them to crystalize into the most amazing micro images.


Natures Tiny Miracles


I was in awe of the tiniest of details.  I went out several times that morning intermittently after warning my hands.

I created a video of some of my favorites from that morning.



2018 Happy New Year!


Here's to saying good-bye to 2017 and welcoming 2018 with great anticipation of endless possibilities.

Instead of looking what one cannot do but instead what can be accomplished.  Being that it was ridiculously cold outside therefore limiting the desire for any outdoor activities sometimes you look to what you do have available ...  bubbles and a fireplace.

Here is to seeing ones opportunities rather than acknowledging obstacles to achieve ones dreams.

The big c ...

Cancer has touched so many people that I know.  It knows no bounds and does not discriminate based on, race, religion, sex or age.  It touches the lives of children, men and woman.  It has affected friends as well as strangers.  No one is immune.... no one.

I have had friends men and woman that have been affected by breast cancer.  Yes men can get this horrible disease.  Many friends are currently recovering from treatments and some are still undergoing them.

The latest victim of this horrible disease is someone that lives in South Africa.  We have never met but have much in common.  Though we live thousands of miles from each other we were married on the exact same day and she has three sons and I have two.  They are roughly the same ages and probably would get along quite nicely.  We found each other through our blogs many many years ago and became Facebook friends as well.  We have followe each journeys and watched our children grow.  Recently, through Facebook, I found out that she is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Weeks passed and found out her mom was also traveling this same horrific journey with her.  I am glad they have each other to lean on and support each other.  One of my first thoughts was of her dad.  He was not only watching his beloved child go through this but his lifetime wife endure the same.  From what I can gather is Melanie has incredible support among her friends and family.  

If this disease has taught me anything is the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know.  It affect different people differently and no two are the same regardless of the stage or type of cancer.  There is no way for one to know how another feels unless they too have been through the treatment and recovery.  Even then stories and experiences are apt to be different.  

This disease along with many others affects not only the individual but everyone around that cares and loves them.  It creates financial and emotional hardship.  I only hope that the next year bring strives towards a cure for this horrible disease.